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MWM IN THE NEWS: Announcing new mushroom gummies

Jack Maritz spoke to Greenway Magazine recently about Midwest Magic's latest product: infused adaptogenic gummies. 

read more: https://mogreenway.com/2023/07/18/midwest-magic-launches-new-thc-infused-gummies-adding-benefits-of-adaptogenic-mushrooms/ 

The first four gummy types to be released by Midwest Magic will be chaga/CBD mango gummies, cordyceps/THCv watermelon gummies, lion’s mane/CBG raspberry gummies, and reishi/CBN elderberry gummies – all combined with THC. The gummies are expected to hit dispensary shelves in August. 
“The whole country is at this point now of rewriting our ethnobotany,” said Jack Maritz, lab manager at Delta Extraction. “Support for legalized cannabis has never been stronger, and functional mushrooms are becoming more and more popular. We’ve used plants as medicine since we’ve been human, and in the last couple hundred years, we’ve synthesized pharmaceuticals and gotten away from plant medicine. I think people are ready to rewrite how we interact with plants as medicine and naturally the cannabis community is at the forefront. Our community is lucky to be comprised of thoughtful and open-minded people who are likely to be the ones to first recognize the potential of these medicines found in nature, and the whole kingdom of fungus has so much to offer.”